I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘adopt don’t shop’ before when it comes to pets. And there is a perfectly good reason for that – in fact, many. Getting a new pet is always a very exciting time, but it’s important to not become too eager and lost, and ensure that you are doing it in the best possible way. Adopting an animal is essentially rescuing an animal, and is more about finding a good home for them as opposed to making money. England is now putting a stop to puppies and kittens being sold in pet shops, as it is unethical and and involves poor animal welfare.

In this blog we wanted to highlight some of the fantastic things about animal adoption and why it’s the way to go.


You know more about the animal

When buying a puppy or kitten from a pet shop, the background of them and is often unknown, whereas when you adopt, you will be provided with as much information as can be obtained and they will be able to inform you of the animals health check status and any conditions or history that you should know about. With adoption, you know exactly what you are getting. Rescue groups will also be there to help you once you have adopted your pet, whereas if you buy from a shop, the moment you step through the door it’s all down to you.


You can change an animals life

Dogs and cats that are up for adoption or need to be rescued, are homeless. By adopting them, you are giving them a good life and a loving home. The sad reality is that there are many dogs in shelters and up for adoption because they have been abandoned, or abused and mistreated in the past. Taking them into your home allows them a whole new life and a fresh start, and you can help to build their trust in humans again.


There is so much choice

With dogs in particular, there are so many different breeds and crossbreeds out there. Adoption means that you can buy from al kinds of different breeders that are able to provide a full background and history check on the animal before you take it home.

It’s not just about different kinds of animals, either. Perhaps you have an elderly relative that would benefit from having a little companion, but maybe couldn’t handle all the excitement and energy of a young puppy or kitten. That’s fine, because adoption covers all ages. Every animal has their own unique story, and some are unfortunately put up for adoption when they are a bit older. However, this may be perfect for what you’re looking for, as the animal would’ve calmed down at this age, probably knows some commands, and is just desperate for some love, attention and company!


It’s actually cheaper

A lot of places will just ask for a donation when you adopt a pet, as opposed to extortionate prices you find elsewhere. This money also usually goes towards care for the other animals that may live wherever you are adopting from, rather than the pet being seen as an opportunity to make a profit.


You will have a friend for life

There is nothing quite like a pet. All animals ever want is a loving home and caring family. Dogs especially find so much comfort in being around their owners and having a good relationship with them. Despite how they may have been treated in the past, you can help to build their trust again help them to become as happy as they can possibly be and live the life a dog should live. In return, you will certainly have a loyal companion for life!