Though hot weather is a little bit hit and miss in England, we do go through spells of really hot, sunny days. Although this is great for us, it can be very uncomfortable for our pets. Coping in the heat is something that dogs often find quite hard, and so it’s important as their owner to look after them properly and be aware of any unusual signs to look out for. 

As a dog owner, there are several things you can do to provide relief to your dog when it’s hot. You can help them by reducing the amount of exposure they have to the sun, and ensuring that you are keeping them as cool as possible. 

As we are still in British Summer Time and have been experiencing some extremely hot days at the moment, we thought we would give you a few tips on how to look after your dog in hot weather.


Exercise them in the cooler parts of the day

You should always avoid exercising your dog during parts of the day when the temperature is at its peak. Whether this is taking them for a walk or just playing with them in the garden, you should avoid the hottest times of the day so as to keep their exposure to the sun as minimal as possible. For example, take them for walks early in the morning or in the evening when it goes cooler.


Make sure they drink lots of water

It is so important that your dog drinks plenty of water when it’s hot. You should encourage them to do this and furthermore, you should provide water wherever they are. For example, if you take them out for a walk, make sure to take some water with you so that they can stop and have a drink. As well as this, you should change their water bowls more regularly so that it is fresh and cold.


Always test whether the ground is too hot

Dogs can actually get severe burns to their pads from walking when the ground is too hot. Pavements can become very hot when the sun is out, so you should always feel the ground for a few seconds and decide whether it is suitable for your dog’s paws. If it feels hot to you, it will definitely be too hot for them and you could risk them having their pads burnt. Furthermore, even if you do take them out for a walk, you should try and stick to shaded areas to lessen their exposure.


Lay out some damp towels for them to lie on

When it’s really hot, it is hard for dogs to cool down. This is where you can help a little. One thing that is recommended is to get a damp towel and put it down in a cool or shaded area for them to lie on. This can really help to cool them down and provide them with a cold surface to lie on. Although this is really simple to do, it can help significantly in cooling down your dog.


Don’t put them in the car unless completely necessary

On a hot day, you might be tempted to drive down to the beach and take your dog for a nice walk there. However, if the temperature is very high, you should avoid this, as it could be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for your dog to be sat in a hot vehicle. Furthermore, they can even become dehydrated in the heat. So, we strongly advise against taking your dog anywhere in the car when it’s hot unless completely necessary, however if you do, you should stop for regular water breaks. 

For more information and advice about looking after your dog in hot weather or if you have any enquiries about pet boarding, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!