As with any type of animal, all cats have different personalities. Some are confident, sociable and outgoing, whereas others can be a little more nervous, shy and reserved. However, even with the most nervous cats, there are things you can do to bring them out of their shell and make them feel more comfortable. Furthermore, you might have a cat that is perfectly fine and outgoing, but there may be certain scenarios that make them nervous and uncomfortable, such as being taken to the vets or to pet boarding. 

So, what can you do to stop your cat from feeling nervous? We thought we would share our top five tips on how to make your nervous cat feel more comfortable…


  1. Give them space and leave them to their own devices

Cats can be nervous for all kinds of different reasons. Perhaps you are bringing them into a new home, which is a completely foreign and daunting environment to them. If this is the case, you should allow them to explore in their own time. On the other hand, you might have a cat that is nervous around people, and needs time to build up trust. You should let them come to you in their own time when they feel safe and comfortable. 

When cats are nervous, you shouldn’t smother them, as this can make them more scared and uncomfortable. Instead, you should leave them to their own devices and allow them to explore, settle and get used to the surroundings in their own time. 


  1. Talk to them

If your cat is nervous because of an uncomfortable situation, for example a trip to the vets, you should talk to them in a quiet and gentle voice to put them at ease and keep them calm. Hearing their owner’s voice is comfort to them and reassures them. As a result, this can help them to be less nervous and feel safer. 


  1. Create a safe environment

Cats feel more comfortable when they have their own safe space. Allow an area where they can have a bed, some toys, their food and a litter tray. Knowing they have this space will provide them comfort and reduce stress.


  1. Be patient

Nervous cats won’t become comfortable straight away. You have to be patient and allow them to gain confidence in their own time. A lot of the time when a cat is nervous, they need time to adjust and get used to their surroundings. It is important that you allow this time and let them become more comfortable at their own pace.


  1. Play with them

Toys can be a great distraction for nervous cats, and a great way to bring them out of their shell. As owners, it is good to interact with your cat and encourage them to be playful, as this can really ease their mind, distract them and provide comfort. Playing with your cat can build their confidence as well as make your bond with them stronger. 

For more information or advice or if you are bringing your cat to stay with us and are worried about how they are going to cope, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be able to offer help and put your mind at ease!