June is national ‘Adopt a Cat Month’, and this is something we wanted to raise more awareness about as it highlights the importance of animal adoption and why it is so much better than buying from a pet shop. There are so many animals in shelters waiting for their forever home, and what better time to give one of them your love than now?!


Why we have Adopt a Cat Month

The whole purpose of Adopt a Cat Month is to encourage people to rescue cats from shelters. When considering getting a new pet, it is important that you are aware of all the animals that need rescuing and rehoming. As with all pets, shelter cats are extremely deserving of a loving and forever home, and it is so rewarding to be able to give them exactly that and to be able to share your everyday life with them.


How do cats end up in shelters?

There are all kinds of circumstances as to why cats end up in shelters, whether they are born there, abandoned or abused, there owner simply can’t look after them anymore. Every cat has a different story but one thing they all have in common is that they are in need of a loving owner and happy home. Each and every one of these shelter cats are deserving of a second chance and an amazing quality of life, and with each cat that gets adopted there is one less suffering and longing for a nice home and devoted family.


Reasons to adopt a cat

There are so many reasons why adopting a cat is a good idea. They will fill your home with happiness and complete your family. We wanted to share a few reasons why you should consider adopting a cat this month…


They’re the perfect companion

All cats have different personalities and you can be sure to find the perfect companion in any shelter. With adopting shelter cats, you can spend one on one time with all of the beloved felines until you find the perfect match. Cats make a fantastic friend for life in any home and for all the family. They are loyal, loving and full of character. There is no better companion than a cat!


It can positively impact your mental health

It is actually proven that having a cat can lift your mood and have a positive impact on your mental health. They help you to feel relaxed and happy and tend to reduce any stress you are feeling. Having a cat in your home will help to deter and relieve any negative feelings.


Every home needs a cat

It may come as a surprise that cats are in fact the most popular type of household pets – even above dogs. However, it is not hard to understand why. They are very loving and affectionate but also independent at the same time, making them easy to look after. A good example of this is that they clean themselves, meaning this isn’t something you would necessarily have to worry about.


It gives comfort to previous owners

Although cats can find themselves in shelters for all kinds of different reasons, a large portion of these cats are there simply because their owner was no longer able to look after them. This could be down to a number of circumstances, including ill health, housing situations, and it can be incredibly sad and distressing for the owner as well as the cat when they have to give it up. Therefore, amongst the whole load of other fantastic benefits of adopting shelter cats, you will be putting the previous owners’ mind at rest and allowing them comfort in knowing their beloved feline is going to a safe and loving home to continue a happy life.


Other ways you can help…

Adopt a Cat Month is simply here to raise awareness of the hundreds and thousands of cats in shelters each and every year. Although we would encourage adoption where possible, we understand this isn’t suitable for everybody and not everyone is able to look after and care for a cat or provide the right sort of home. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still help. Any donation you can make will go a long way, as it will contribute towards the care of these cats and cover things including veterinary bills. Furthermore, you could also donate items such as bedding and toys for the cats to make them feel more settled and happy. You could also volunteer at a local shelter to help look after some of the cats and give them some love and attention.