With any breed of dog, grooming is essential. However to the extent of which you do this is subjective. Some people may groom their dog themselves by brushing and bathing them on a regular basis, whereas other owners may take their dog to a groomer perhaps once a month or so. Furthermore, the amount of grooming your dog requires does depend on the breed, as for example some dogs have very short fur and others have long or curly fur that needs to be kept under control a lot more. 

Dog grooming in any capacity is beneficial to our beloved canines for a number of reasons, and we thought we would talk about a few of these in this blog…


Maintaining a healthy coat

Perhaps the most significant and obvious benefit of dog grooming, is ensuring that your dog maintains a healthy coat. Not only does it make them look great, but it can also reduce the risk of things like infection as your dog is being kept clean and not allowing anything to sit and fester on their skin or coat. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy coat means that they always look presentable and minimise any skin irritation.


Noticing early signs of anything unusual

Grooming is usually very thorough, which allows the person grooming to get a good grasp of the dogs’ condition and as a result, notice anything unusual. This could be anything, like any unusual lumps, cuts, or potential signs of infection. These are things that otherwise, we as owners may not necessarily notice as quickly. You can keep a check on this yourself by brushing your dog regularly if they have a longer or thicker coat, as well as bathing them every so often to keep them clean and happy.



A part of dog grooming, is cutting the dogs nails. This isn’t always completely necessary however, as some dogs get a lot of exercise meaning that their nails get filed down by the hard surface they walk on naturally. But, you should still keep an eye on your dogs’ nails and make sure that they aren’t getting too long and that it is not uncomfortable for them to walk on. If the nails are left untreated and are too long, it can actually impact the way the dog walks or runs, as it can cause pain and be very uncomfortable. Furthermore, long nails can also cause damage to furniture in your home, as well as hurt you like for example if your dog jumps up and you get scratched as a result.


Prevent matting

If you have a breed of dog with long or curly hair, grooming is essential to keep their coat under control and healthy. If you don’t brush or groom your dog, their fur can become matted, which can become very uncomfortable and also quite severe if neglected for too long. Matted fur will pull on the dogs skin, causing a lot of discomfort. Furthermore, the worse this gets, the bigger the consequences. It can lead to sore patches on the skin, which can even lead to infection if nothing is done to help. 

These are just a few of the benefits of dog grooming. For more information and advice, get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!