It’s only natural as a dog owner to worry when you leave your beloved canine at a boarding kennels, but you can rest assured that your dog will be looked after incredibly well, and our team of animal lovers will ensure that they are happy, healthy and comfortable at all times.

Hollybank is a professional boarding kennels for those in the areas of Warrington and Wigan. In total we have 25 kennels, so plenty of room, but we don’t house more than this amount of dogs at any period of time, as it allows us to provide and dedicate all the time and care that they need.

Dogs can get stressed at boarding kennels, which is why our staff are specially trained in animal care and behaviour, knowing how to relax them and reduce stress in the situation. What matters most to us is creating a comfortable and caring environment for the animals, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring a high standard of care, exercise and comfort. 24 hour veterinary care is also available from our local vets.

Due to our knowledge and love for animals, we understand that every dog is different, and therefore has its own unique requirements. Because of this, we offer three different types of kennels, each of various sizes, so that your dog has more room to move around and exercise if that’s what they are accustomed to, or on the other hand, your dog may prefer a smaller kennel where it has its own quiet space and feels safe and relaxed. Every one of our kennels is fully tiled, double glazed, ventilated and fully heated throughout winter months.

We also appreciate that dogs have their own dietary requirements and preferences, so we will always follow any specific guidelines or requests that you give for your dog to ensure that they are fed accordingly.

Over the years we have built a fantastic reputation as a boarding kennels in Warrington and Wigan. We have returning customers that bring their dogs back to us, as well as people coming to us through recommendations. If you have any enquiries, give us a call on 01942 717 726 or send an email to hollybankck@yahoo.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help.

Why your dog is in great hands at our boarding kennels…

  • Years of experience in handling and looking after pets
  • Trusted boarding kennels in Warrington & Wigan
  • Work in line with special dietary needs
  • 24 hour care, love and affection
  • Suitable and homely environment


Are you from Warrington or Wigan and looking for a safe and caring environment for your pet to stay in? Find out more about our boarding kennels!

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