Cats often find it difficult adapting to new surroundings, which is why we have created a comfortable, homely environment at our cattery, so that we can make them feel as at ease as possible. We look after cats from clients in Warrington and Wigan, and are proud to be one of the leading catteries in these areas.

In some catteries, being around other cats can be rather stress inducing for our feline friends, as we know that they are pretty territorial and don’t always mix well with others. To try and keep stress to a minimum, we have made sure that our pens are very private, and include an enclosed sleeping area so that your cat can hide away in there when it would like a little more peace and quiet. Having said that, every pen also includes its own exercise area, so that they have space to roam around when they want to.

Our pens can actually accommodate for up to two cats, so that if you have more than one, they can be kept together to make them feel more relaxed. Not all catteries give this option and so we pride ourselves on always putting the welfare and comfort of the cats first, always ensuring that they are kept as happy as possible. There is also 24 hour veterinary care available from our local vets should this ever be required.

We are pleased to say that our cattery has recently undergone some new renovations, and we now have brand new upvc luxury cat accommodation. This is complete with an individual heating system for each pen to keep your furry friends warm and cosy throughout these winter months.

The years we have spent caring for pets has resulted in a brilliant reputation and a lot of word-of-mouth success due to us being one of the most accommodating catteries in Warrington and Wigan. There are cats that we have looked after time and time again due to the owners’ satisfaction in how they were cared for. If you have any enquiries or want to find out our availability, call us on 01942 717 726 or send an email to hollybankck@yahoo.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help!

What we aim to do here at our cattery…

  • Minimise stress
  • Give lots of love and affection
  • Allow considerate space for exercise
  • Create a warm, comfortable and cosy environment
  • Stand out against all catteries in Warrington & Wigan


Looking for trusted catteries in Warrington & Wigan to care for your beloved pet? Come and speak to us to find out more!

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