Preparing to board your pet for the first time can be quite daunting and worrying. Not only are you unsure of what to expect, but owners generally also feel anxious about how their pet will cope and if they will be okay. Furthermore, there are things you need to know as a pet owner beforehand, to ensure that your pet is able to go into boarding. Owners usually put their pets into boarding when they are going on holiday, so it’s important that you have everything sorted in advance, as kennels and catteries get booked up fast.

So, we wanted to answer a few of the most common questions ahead of pet boarding and try and put your mind at ease!


Your pet must have its vaccinations

One of the most important things to note before boarding your pet, is that they must be up to date and have all the relevant vaccinations. Without being vaccinated, boarding kennels and catteries will not take your pet in, as this can put other animals at risk as well as your pet themselves. You must ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated at least two weeks before boarding. 


It’s a good idea to bring comfort items

Boarding can be a stressful time for pets. They are in an unfamiliar environment without their owners, which is a little unsettling at first. So, a good idea is to send your pet to boarding with familiar items that will provide comfort to them. This could be their favourite toy, or their bed perhaps. These items will help your pet to feel more comfortable and relaxed. 


Try not to make a fuss when leaving them

Although it is a stressful time for both you and your pet, you should remain as calm as possible and not make too much of a fuss when leaving them, as this will get your pet even more worked up. Allow them to get used to their surroundings and don’t act in a way that will unsettle them or amplify stress. 


Inform the boarding staff of any dietary requirements or health issues

Ahead of boarding, you will be given forms to fill out regarding your pet and anything that needs to be noted. This is for the health and safety of your pet and to ensure that they receive everything they need. You must make staff aware of any specific dietary requirements, as well as any health issues. Anything that needs to be highlighted, you should make the boarding staff aware of in advance. 


Finally, don’t worry!

When leaving your pet at a boarding kennel or cattery, the most important thing to know is that you do not need to worry. Your pet will be absolutely fine and get settled in. Kennels and catteries are designed to make your pet feel comfortable and give them their own space. A lot of them are even soundproofed so that your dog or cat isn’t alarmed by the noise of other animals. Furthermore, they will be well looked after every day and have people checking on them all of the time. Once they get settled and used to their surroundings, they will be calm and relaxed. There is nothing to worry about when boarding your pet!


It should be noted that we are currently closed until further notice due to Coronavirus, but keep an eye on our website for updates as to when we will reopen. If you have any questions ahead of boarding your pet, or if you would like to speak to us about booking your pet in in the future, simply get in touch with us via our contact page once we are back open.