As restrictions eased a little, we saw a rise in the amount of people booking last minute trips and getaways, both in the UK and abroad. Due to the way Covid 19 impacted everybody’s travel plans for this year, people have now been taking advantage of the opportunity to book trips within the UK as well as abroad.

This has meant that people have had to accommodate for their pets. As some getaways aren’t necessarily pet-friendly, this leaves people looking for local pet boarding services. Here at Hollybank Cattery & Kennels, we provide a professional pet boarding service where we are fully equipped to look after your cats and dogs whilst you are away. Furthermore, we have expanded our services so that we can accommodate most small animals.

As people have been making the most of being able to book a little trip away now, we thought we would tell you about the benefits of pet boarding, and put your mind at ease over some of the worries pet owners often have before boarding…

We will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pets

Sometimes pet owners have worries about the condition their pets will be living in whilst they are away. However, here at Hollybank Cattery & Kennels we are passionate about providing a safe, comfortable and clean environment for all of the animals that we look after. All of our pens are spacious and separated from each other so that the animals are not stressed through being around others. Furthermore, all of our pens for both cats and dogs are heated, so your pet will be able to relax and enjoy their time in a nice, warm, cosy environment.

Your pet will still receive love and attention and be exercised

Another qualm that pet owners sometimes have when it comes to boarding, is that their pets won’t receive much one-to-one care and attention. However, this is not the case. All pets will have their own dedicated time with our staff members, who will be sure to make a fuss of them and give them plenty of cuddles. We will ensure that your pet is comfortable and happy.

Furthermore, all animals in our care will be exercised daily. We take dogs on individual walks and runs so that they have the opportunity to exercise properly. Furthermore, all animal pens are spacious so that they can move around throughout the day.

There is 24 hour veterinary care available

Here at Hollybank Cattery & Kennels, we have a local vets on hand available for 24 hour veterinary care. Therefore, should it ever be required, there is 24 hour care available for your pets.

All animals will be well fed!

Whilst we welcome any specific food you require us to feed to your pet, we also have a selection of high quality food available to feed to your pets whilst they are in our care. You can rest assured that your pets will be well fed during their stay.

Furthermore, we will adhere to any specific dietary requirements that your pet has and ensure that they are fed with the right food and in the right routine.

For more information or if you are planning a last minute getaway and need to board your pet(s), simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help