There’s plenty to think about in the run-up to jetting off on holiday, but one aspect of the holiday preparations that any dog or cat owner must remember is to properly prepare their furry friend for some time in the kennels or cattery.


It’s been a little while since holidays have been a possibility, so if you need a little refresher or are even considering boarding your cat or dog for the first time, here are a few tips on preparing your pet for a holiday of their own.


Preparing Your Dog For Boarding


If you have your pooch booked in for some time in the kennels, here are just a few preparations to put into place before you head out!


Things To Remember Early On:

  • In order to go to the kennels, your dog must be fully vaccinated.
  • If this is the first time that your dog has been boarded, you should book them in for a shorter stay first to get them used to the process of staying in the kennels.


Get Your Dog Used To Socialising

It’s incredibly important that your dog is able to spend time comfortably around other dogs in order for them to cope with time at a kennels.


When boarding, your dog will likely spend some time playing and exercising with other dogs of a vast range of ages, breeds and sizes, so get them used to being around other dogs by taking them out for regular walks where other dogs are often encountered. If you have a dedicated dog park around you, even better!


Get Your Dog Used To Time Alone

On the other end of the scale, your dog won’t always be around other pups, often spending time on their own.


If your dog is used to receiving constant attention, this could be a distressing change for them, so begin to get your dog used to spending a few hours alone each day, perhaps in a smaller space, too, such as a bedroom or bathroom.


This will get them used to be comfortable and calm within their own company, as well as teaching them to hold their bladder for slightly longer periods of time.


Prepare Any Specialist Foods

We provide high-quality food here at Hollybank Kennels, but if your dog has specialist dietary requirements or simply won’t react well to a change in his or her diet, be sure to pack the correct food before you arrive at the kennels.


Ensure They Are Protected Against Fleas

Make sure that you remember to give your dog a dose of your preferred tick and flea treatment before dropping them off at the kennels in order to protect your dog and the other pups who are boarding here, too.


Bring Comfort Items

Consider packing some comforting items for your pet within their belongings, such as favourite toys, treats, blankets and an item of your clothing.


Stay Positive

Dogs are highly adept when it comes to picking up on the emotions of their owners. Nobody likes to leave their dogs for any period of time, of course, but try to remain calm and positive when saying goodbye to your pup for a few days so that they don’t become stressed! We promise we’ll take good care of them.


Preparing Your Cat For Boarding


Cats don’t typically need quite as much hands-on attention as dogs, but they are incredibly territorial animals and are highly attached to their home environments. For that reason, it’s still incredibly important to properly prepare your cat for their stay.


Things To Remember Early On:

  • In order for your cat to be boarded at a cattery, they must be fully vaccinated before their arrival.
  • If this is the first time you have boarded your cat, book them in for a shorter stay first so that they can become used to the boarding environment.


Prepare Them To Leave

Many cats quickly relate their pet carriers to trips to the vet and such, making them automatically more anxious when they have to get into them. In order to make the process of boarding your cat as stress-free as possible for them, leave their carrier out for a while, perhaps leaving treats and/or toys in their to get them used to stepping into their pet carriers.


Prepare Their Food

If your cat has any specialist dietary requirements, ensure that you inform the staff of these requirements before your cat’s stay at the cattery. Here at Hollybank, we use nutritional, high-quality pet food, but if your cat is particularly suited to one type of food, please let us know and bring some of this food along.


Flea And Tick Prevention

Please ensure you have given your cat a dose of your preferred flea and tick treatment before your arrival at the cattery in order to protect them and the other cats.


Bring Comfort Items

Consider packing some comforting items for your pet within their belongings, such as favourite toys, treats, blankets and an item of your clothing.

Get In Touch


Here at Hollybank Kennels and Cattery, we’re passionate about pets! We do everything we can to ensure that while you’re away, your pet gets a holiday of their very own, with our premium level accommodation and tireless commitment to pet care.


If you’re based in Greater Manchester, heading away on holiday this summer and are looking for the perfect home-away-from-home for your pet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today and allow us to tell you a little more about our fantastic facilities.