There are so many wonderful things about owning a dog. Their loyalty and companionship, training them and seeing them progress, sharing your life with them; these are only a few of the special ways they will impact your life. However despite all of these fantastic things, looking after a dog can be challenging, and one thing that’s very important, is ensuring that your dog is healthy. This doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of work, but it is more about understanding what is needed for a healthy dog, and making sure that these things are applied. The right balance of diet and exercise for your dog is pretty easy to maintain, however not everyone knows what ratio this should be given, or perhaps are in need of some tips to improve.

So, we thought we’d help you out in this blog and give you a few tips on keeping your dog healthy and explain why it is so important!


Regular exercise

As I’m sure you well know, dogs need a lot of exercise. Your dog should get a lot of energy from the food in their diet, and therefore they need an outlet for this. Without enough exercise, your dog can become frustrated and may even resort to destruction within your home. This often comes from boredom or is their own outlet due to lack of exercise enabling energy release. Generally speaking, it is recommended that dogs get one to two hours of exercise per day but this can vary depending on dog breed as well as health conditions. Taking your dog on a walk a couple of times a day is the perfect way to ensure that they are getting all the exercise they need.


Utilise veterinary care

Sometimes, pet owners try to avoid taking a trip to the vets where they can as it can be a little pricey, but compared to having your pet suffer or feel unwell, it really is priceless! If you notice anything unusual with your dog or if they are behaving slightly out of character, we urge you to take them to the vets. This flags up if there are any abnormalities or illnesses and will then provide you with the right treatment or medication to make your dog better. Furthermore, it’s important that your dog has the correct vaccinations as this helps keep them healthy and protected. You can also take your pet for routine checks at the vets, which again enables the vet to diagnose any health conditions or illness.


Feeding properly

A good diet is key in a dog’s health. Try to avoid over-feeding despite their willingness and eagerness to eat more, as this can be unhealthy and make your dog become overweight. The appropriate portion size often depends on the breed of your dog, but this information is easy to obtain. If you follow the guidelines, and ensure that your dog is being fed good, healthy meals with a mixture of fresh food (including vegetables), meat and biscuits, there should be no problem. Furthermore, limit it to only foods specifically good for dogs, and avoid letting anything else slip into their diet no matter how small. This includes none of our sugary foods such as sweets or chocolate, as this can actually be fatal for dogs as well as very bad for their health.



Basic grooming is often necessary in keeping your dog clean and healthy. For some breeds, if not regularly groomed, their fur can become matted which is actually painful for them. Grooming doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big and fancy, but rather includes basic things such as giving them a bath, cutting their nails and brushing them. All of these things will ensure that they are kept well groomed, happy and healthy.


For more information or if you would like any advice about keeping your dog healthy, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!