In most cases, dogs and cats are not commonly the best of friends. In fact, they don’t get along with each other very much at all. In a standard scenario, if a dog and cat come into contact in the street, the cat is going to be scared and run away, and the dog will probably want to chase it. However, it can be known for cats and dogs to get along when living under the same roof. In fact, some of them form quite a good bond, but it doesn’t happen straight away! 

Lots of people want dogs and cats for pets, but it’s getting the two of them used to each other that’s the tricky part. We thought we would give you a few tips on how to get your dog and cat to get along…


  1. Patience

First things first, you are going to need quite a lot of patience! Getting your dog and cat to get along with each other isn’t an overnight miracle, but rather it takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Animals are very territorial as it is, and so they don’t like to welcome new pets into their home. However, when you put dogs and cats into the equation, it makes things even more complicated. Don’t be alarmed if at first they really don’t like each other, as generally things will settle down and they will get used to each other as time goes on. You just have to remain patient and persevere!


  1. Creating a happy and loving environment

Although cats and dogs don’t typically get along, that’s not to say that they can’t. As long as you are caring for your pets and keeping them in a positive and loving environment, you can get them to settle and feel comfortable around each other. Having a positive and loving home is key in getting them used to each other.


  1. Get the cat first, or both pets at the same time

Bringing another animal into the home of your current pet can be very stressful and intimidating for them. Therefore, you tend to find more success in getting your dog and cat to get along, when you get them both at the same time from being babies. This way, they don’t know any different, and should naturally get along and become used to each other very quickly. 

On the other hand, we would recommend getting a cat first, and then bringing a dog into the home. If you already have a dog that is used to chasing cats in the street, bringing a cat into the home is often more difficult. Whereas if you bring a dog into your home and already have a cat, the dog will grow up being used to the cat and shouldn’t be as inclined to chase or terrorise it!


  1. Know your dog breeds!

This is very important, as all breeds of dogs are different. It goes without saying that some breeds have a much calmer temperament than others, and it’s knowing things like this that makes a difference when getting a dog that is going to be compatible and get along with your cat. Furthermore, if you are adopting a dog or cat, you should find out if they have lived with other pets previously.


  1. Make sure your dog is well trained

If you don’t have a well behaved dog, chances are it is not going to be very compatible with living with a cat. This can be very stressful for the cat if your dog does not do as it’s told and causes a lot of trouble. Making sure your dog is well trained will contribute to a happy and calm environment for both animals to live in. 


  1. Introduce them slowly and carefully

The introduction process between a dog and cat needs to be carefully considered, and executed with care and patience. For example, you might want to have their first meeting where you are holding the cat and the dog is on a lead, so they are both restrained and also feel safe. You can then gradually bring them closer together, and release them when it feels like a good time to do so. Until they are used to one another, you should always be there to monitor when they are around each other.