Getting a dog is a pretty big deal for any household, and the process of choosing the right one is very exciting. But, how do you know where to start? There are so many different breeds and cross breeds available, how could you possibly choose which one is right for you?! It’s fair to say that any kind of dog will complete your family and make your house feel like a home, but some breeds may be a little more well suited to you than others.

Now, it would be impossible for us to talk about the amazing qualities of each and every breed of dog out there, so we’ve handpicked a few to feature in this blog!


Golden retriever

Perhaps one of the most angelic breeds of dogs you could find, golden retrievers are the perfect, loyal and calm but crazy companion. Their kind temperament also means that they are a common breed used in guide dog training, with the intelligence, patience and playfulness to be a great help and friend to those that are blind or visually impaired, or require assistance with their mobility.

Due to their long, golden fur, they do require regular grooming, and can moult quite a lot. However, they are happy to have you groom them as like most dogs, golden retrievers love human company and like to spend a lot of time by your side.


Bichon Frise

Big dogs aren’t for everybody. If you’re looking for a smaller dog, the bichon frise is a great little companion to have. They’re so attached to their owners that they can actually suffer with separation anxiety when they are left or apart from them. Having a bichon is like having a little lap dog – always happy to come and cuddle up with you and small enough to fit on your knee.

Bichon frises are quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming and they require regular care including being brushed most days, baths at least once a month, and regular haircuts, which is due to the fact they don’t actually moult.



Like golden retrievers, due to the attentive, intelligent and obedient nature of labradors, they are the most common breed to be trained and used as guide dogs. They’re very sociable and often great with children and other pets, and they settle in pretty quickly and easily. Furthermore, though they are quite laid back and the perfect fun-loving companion, they are very energetic and playful as puppies and are known to get into a bit of trouble!

Sometimes with labradors, they require a bit more attention when it comes to their diet. They gain weight very easily and so it’s important that they are kept to a healthy, well restricted diet along with getting plenty of exercise and being walked every day. When labradors become overweight, it can lead to severe health problems in the long term which is why it’s so important to keep them healthy and exercised.


Border collie

Border collies are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. They are easy to train as they learn commands quickly and are very obedient. They are known as working dogs, as of course farmers use them to round up sheep, and when trained in doing this, they are actually capable of doing the work that would otherwise require several people. Furthermore, despite their instinctive desire to follow commands and always stay alert, they are very sociable too and make a very loving pet for all the family.

Collies are full of energy and so they do require a lot of exercise, not just walks, but big runs too. They must be walked every day, preferably twice, and exercised as much a possible. So, this must be something you’d be able to accommodate for in order to care for this type of dog.



Whippets are another fun-loving dog with buckets of energy. They require regular exercise as although they’re not really big dogs, they must be kept in good physique. Whippets are typically used as hunting dogs and also compete in racing. This is because they are extremely quick and alert. However, despite being full of energy, they are also very affectionate and get on great with both people and other dogs.

One walk a day and the time to run around in your garden is enough when it comes to giving whippets their daily exercise. Furthermore, they don’t require much grooming, either, as their fur is very short and fine. Anyone could find the perfect pet in owning a whippet!



If you have children in your house, beagles are one breed that we’d definitely recommend. They are mostly very loving and great with being introduced to young children, and make a particularly good companion for them. Beagles are truly at their best when they are alongside people and spending time with their owners. However, if left alone for too long, they can sometimes become a little disruptive and have a tendency to chew things!

It is within the nature of a beagle that they are hunting dogs, so we recommend being careful if they are off the lead and there are small animals around such as rabbits or hares. They also adapt well to changes and so if you were to bring a new dog into the house they would most likely take to it well. In fact, this would be better for them as it would mean they have some company when you are not at home.


These are only a small handful of the fantastic breeds of dogs out there. If there are any other breeds in particular that you’d like to know more about, we’d be more than happy to help and advise you. Just get in touch with us via our contact page and we will answer any questions that you may have.