Here at Hollybank Cattery & Kennels, we believe that no home or family is complete without a pet. Animals bring so much joy to our lives in their own little unique ways, and they certainly make the best companions. While we love all animals and pets, we wanted to dedicate this blog to cats, and show why they make the perfect companion for anybody…


They are very relaxed

Cats are stereotypically quite a lazy animal. They like to sleep a lot and make themselves comfortable wherever they happen to be. Because of this, they make it quite easy to look after and care for them, as they are generally very relaxed. Of course, a lot of cats have character and when they’re younger especially they can be very playful and energetic, but on the whole, they do like to just lounge about and sit with you.


They exercise themselves

Unlike dogs who need to be taken on walks every day, cats will exercise themselves. Although very loving and friendly, cats are in fact quite independent, and like to go off on their own adventures to explore the outdoors by themselves. This means you can simply let them out of the house to do their own thing and they will get all the exercise they need. On the other hand, some people have indoor cats, meaning there isn’t quite as much freedom for exercise. However this is still achievable, as there are all sorts of toys and facilities you can get for them to play with and keep active indoors.


They’re loyal and friendly

As with every type of domestic pet, all cats have different personalities, meaning some are a lot more loving and affectionate than others. However, on a whole, cats are very friendly and loyal companions. They will happily sit on your lap and let you stroke them whilst you’re sat on the sofa watching tv. As well as this, a lot of cats like to sleep beside their owners or at the bottom of their beds, so they are always close by. You can never feel lonely with a pet cat, as they will give you so much love and companionship, from greeting you when you arrive home, to staying by your side when you wind down and relax.


They’re low maintenance

As we just mentioned, cats don’t require you to take them out on walks in order for them to get the exercise they need, but aside from this, they are very easy to look after in other ways and generally quite low maintenance. For example, most cats will go outside to use the toilet, and they will often do this somewhere out of sight and quite private, and they will also cover up their business by themselves. Furthermore, if your cat prefers to use a litter tray indoors, this is still quite low maintenance, as it just requires being cleared out every now and then. 

As well as this, feeding is quite relaxed too. You can leave food out for them throughout the day, whereas a dog for example requires particular feeding times. Furthermore, most cats don’t require much grooming. Unless they are long haired, you will only need to brush them every now and again.


They relieve stress and anxiety

It has been scientifically proven that being a cat owner reduces stress levels and relieves anxiety and depression. Cats boost positive emotions in our minds and minimise any low or negative feelings we are experiencing.


They will keep you entertained

Although cats are very chilled and relaxed, they are also very entertaining. Every cat has a playful side to them, and even if this only comes out every now and then, it will certainly provide great entertainment. Whether they are just playing with their toys or having a crazy few minutes where they’re running around the room or chasing something, cats are very funny and entertaining pets.