Some pet owners just see vaccinations as a formality at the vets when they adopt a new animal, however there are lots of reasons behind why animals need to be vaccinated. Most of it comes down to keeping them safe and well in themselves, as well as everyone around them including you as their owners along with other animals. Vaccinations are required for newly born pets, however it is advised that you continue to take your animal to the vets for more vaccinations and boosters each year to ensure that they remain healthy and safe and aren’t at any risk of getting ill.

As vaccinations are so important to our beloved pets, we wanted to talk a bit more about why they are crucial and why your animals must have them…


It’s essential for their health

Without vaccinations, your pet is at serious risk of becoming seriously ill. Some diseases that animals can contract without the necessary vaccinations can be fatal or cause severe damage to their health. Even if your pet isn’t directly exposed to risk of diseases, this can be brought by other animals if they are around an animal carrying something. 

By having the correct vaccinations, your pet will remain immune to such diseases and their bodies will be able to fight off anything bad and keep it away from them. So, vaccinations and boosters are essential for the health of your animal so that they avoid becoming ill from very dangerous diseases and infections.


Builds their immunity

Vaccinations take place when animals are very young, because this is when they are most vulnerable and less able to fight off infection and illness. Therefore, this is why you are required to take your newly born pet to the vets for their vaccinations straight away, as this ensures that they are protected and healthy as early as possible. Furthermore, as your pet gets older, their immunity will naturally deteriorate, which is why vets encourage taking them for boosters, which will help maintain their level of immunity keeping them safe from infection or disease and allowing their bodies to fight it away.


It is a legal requirement

Pet vaccinations are actually a legal requirement, and they are in place not just for the safety of you and your pet, but for the safety of other animals too. If your pet hasn’t been vaccinated and picks up or carries any sort of disease, this causes danger to other animals. For example, if a dog carrying a disease or infection were to bite another dog, this could be potentially very harmful and dangerous, and not just to the dog that has been bitten, but to their owners as well. It is dangerous for absolutely anyone to come into contact with an unvaccinated pet, whether this is an animal or human. Diseases that can be caught and carried by animals are very dangerous and pose a serious threat to those coming into contact with it.


It’s not expensive

Some people don’t stay on top of their pets vaccinations because they are concerned about the cost of it along with the upkeep. However, boosters are not actually that costly. It is in fact very affordable for pet owners to get their animals vaccinated, which also aims to encourage people to get this regularly done. Furthermore, the cost would be far bigger if your pet were to get ill with a serious disease or infection and needed to be treated for it. Therefore, this is another reason why it is better to stay on top of things and take your pets for their boosters rather than risk them getting sick.


Essential for boarding

As a boarding kennel and cattery, as with all others, we do not accept any animal that has not been vaccinated or isn’t up to date with their vaccinations. It is not safe for us to board unvaccinated animals because of all of the reasons we have mentioned in this blog. So, if you are looking to board your pet at a kennel or cattery, you must ensure that all vaccinations are up to date and that your pet is healthy enough for boarding. Boarding facilities are an environment full of pets, and so having any animal in there at risk of carrying or catching disease would be very dangerous.


Having your pet regularly vaccinated is important for the safety of everyone, from your pet themselves, to you as the owner and your family, to other pets and pet owners that you may come across. 

If you are looking into boarding your pet this summer and would like to speak to us to find out a bit more about our facilities and availability, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.