Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to leave your dog at a boarding kennels, and as pet owners, this can make us a little bit anxious and worried. A lot of people try to avoid having to board their dogs, however it is sometimes the only option and what people don’t know is that there really isn’t much to worry about at all!

Boarding kennels, such as ourselves, are built to care for dogs over a short period of time when their owners are unable to look after them, like for example if they are going on holiday. We aim to make the experience as relaxed, comfortable and stress-free for the dogs as possible. This means that if your dog has a favourite toy, or you want to leave a blanket with them, or perhaps you have more than one dog and wish for them to be boarded together; we will always do our very best to ensure that we create a pleasant experience for the dogs, which also allows you to relax and feel comfort in knowing they are in good care.

However, there are still a lot of things that owners worry about when it comes to leaving their dog at a boarding kennels. So, we wanted to reassure you and try and take a few of these worries away!


They will be well looked after

All kennels are checked and approved to ensure that they are in line with the standards required to board dogs. If a kennel wasn’t fit and suitable, it would not be open and able to house dogs, as they all undergo checks and inspections. You will find that kennels are generally owned by people who are passionate about animals, and ensuring that all dogs are happy, comfortable and receiving the right care and attention.


They still get the exercise they need

Although it may not be up to the lengths that you would normally exercise your dogs, you can still rest assured that your dog will be exercised and have plenty of opportunity to burn off some of their energy. Whether this is playing with staff or going on walks, all kennels will ensure that some form of exercise takes place and your dog is remaining happy and healthy.


They can be left with home comforts

A lot of dogs find comfort from familiar items and smells. Therefore, you are able to leave such items with your dog for boarding. An example of this may be a blanket or a bed. Having this home comfort will help to keep your dog as relaxed and stress-free as possible.


All dietary requirements are matched

Perhaps your dog has quite a complicated diet and you are conscious of this when considering boarding them at the kennels. However, you do not need to worry about this as they will be informed of all dietary requirements before boarding so that staff can create the right meal plan and ensure that your dog is getting the right food. Quite often, you can even take your own dog food to be left with them with instructions.


Hollybank Boarding Kennels

Speaking on behalf of ourselves, we can fully ensure that we have created a very comfortable, dog-friendly environment for dogs to enjoy and feel at home whilst their owners are away. Our passion is all about creating a safe and loving environment, which is one of the things we pride ourselves on. All of our kennels are heated, clean, comfortable and spacious so that every every dog feels relaxed and settled during their stay. Furthermore, our facilities enable us to take the dogs for individual exercise and play time, and with a large variety of well-known brands of dog food available, we can provide your dog with the right source of nutrition in line with any dietary requirements or preferences.

We understand that every dog is different, and so we have three different types of kennels available for you to choose from. This includes three different sizes to accommodate for the space your dog needs. Each one of these are fully tiled and double glazed to maintain a safe and secure environment. We also understand that all dogs have different personalities, and some will be quite vocal and excitable during their stay, whereas this may cause stress to others. Therefore, our kennels are separated into two individual blocks, in order to keep the noise to a minimum and also keep quieter and more anxious dogs separate from louder and more boisterous ones.

For more information or if you would like to board your dog at our kennels, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help and inform you of our availability.