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Encouraging Positive Behaviours in Your Pet


We all want our pets to be as well behaved as possible, however the training process and helping them to understand what good behaviours are can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are trying to train a young animal like a puppy. With that being said, this doesn’t just apply when your pet is young.

Encouraging Positive Behaviours in Your Pet2019-07-09T23:47:09+00:00

Adopt a Cat Month


June is national ‘Adopt a Cat Month’, and this is something we wanted to raise more awareness about as it highlights the importance of animal adoption and why it is so much better than buying from a pet shop. There are so many animals in shelters waiting for their forever home, and what better time

Adopt a Cat Month2019-06-12T14:59:25+00:00

Worried About Leaving Your Dog at Boarding Kennels?


Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to leave your dog at a boarding kennels, and as pet owners, this can make us a little bit anxious and worried. A lot of people try to avoid having to board their dogs, however it is sometimes the only option and what people don’t know is that there really

Worried About Leaving Your Dog at Boarding Kennels?2019-05-17T20:27:42+00:00

Dog Training Essentials: Top Tips You Should Know About


Training your dog is a very rewarding task, but it’s not always easy, and it certainly requires patience and good technique. Most commonly, you will train your dog with the basics when they are puppies, which needless to say can be a little hands on and require a patient and engaging approach. Dogs are very

Dog Training Essentials: Top Tips You Should Know About2019-04-13T13:13:49+00:00

The Importance of Having Your Pet Microchipped


As pet owners, the most important thing to us is keeping our pets safe. One way to ensure better safety for our beloved pets, is to get them microchipped. It helps keep them protected and allows us to be located and contacted should they ever end up out of sight. Over the years, microchipping has

The Importance of Having Your Pet Microchipped2019-03-13T01:54:55+00:00

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy


There are so many wonderful things about owning a dog. Their loyalty and companionship, training them and seeing them progress, sharing your life with them; these are only a few of the special ways they will impact your life. However despite all of these fantastic things, looking after a dog can be challenging, and one

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy2019-02-16T22:29:50+00:00

Introducing A New Pet


Whether you have animals in your house already or not, introducing a new pet can be challenging in any environment. It takes time for animals to adjust to their new surroundings, let alone any other pets that you may have. Furthermore, introducing a new pet also becomes stressful to the pets that you might already

Introducing A New Pet2019-01-10T11:10:59+00:00

Abandonment at Christmas – What You Can Do to Help


I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’, but sadly at this time of the year, hundreds of pets are gifted to people for Christmas, and shortly afterwards, get abandoned or given up. All of these animals are taken out of their brand new homes and left

Abandonment at Christmas – What You Can Do to Help2018-12-13T23:12:18+00:00

Every Home Needs a Pet


Here at Hollybank Cattery & Kennels, we strongly believe that a house isn’t a home without a pet. Our little furry companions make our home a better place, and we would certainly be lost without them. Having a pet can actually improve your health amongst a whole lot of other benefits, such as having a

Every Home Needs a Pet2018-11-16T00:31:14+00:00
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